marble porcelain®

marbleporcelain®Technology meeting the Natural Stone State of ART

Supplying you with 2 different sizes of slabs 3200x1600mm (126"x63") and 2400x1200mm (96"x48") both two different thickness, 6mm (1/4") and 12mm (1/2").

Suitable for inside and outside, doors and sliding walls, curved walls, floors, wall cladding, bathroom, vanity tops, counter tops, stairs, we can supply you material  in polishing and honing finishing, regular or bookmatching.

MARBLEPORCELAIN® slab, which measures 3200x1600x12 and weighs 145 kos per slab, is significantly lighter and less costly than natural stone slabs. Its lighter weight allows for easy installation and, along with its price, makes for lowered project costs. MARBLEPORCELAIN® slabs are designed for quick installation over existing surfaces, which reduces the waste typically associated with installation.

MARBLEPORCELAIN® slabs are nonporous and stain resistant, and heat resistant, making the material suitable for a variety of kitchen and bathroom projects in both commercial and residential properties.

The 3200x1600 slabs add low-maintenance, easy-clean style to kitchens, baths, and outdoor rooms. MARBLEPORCELAIN® slabs are smooth, impervious to germs and bacteria, and are rated for food safety. In addition, thin porcelain resists stains from nail polish, food coloring, wine, coffee, and tea.

Be different from your competition, we can customize the layout of the slab as you like, meaning that you will have MARBLEPORCELAIN with your own layout....nobody else. ASKFOR INFO here


  • Impervious to germs and bacteria

  • Rated for food safety

  • Resists stains

  • 3200x1600 slabs limit grout lines

  • Ideal for remodeling projects—can be installed over existing surfaces

  • Perfect for countertops, showers, flooring, accent walls, and backsplashes



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